Website support

Andrei Sorokin Andrei Sorokin Project manager

To answer the question - Do you need web site support, look at this simple scenario. Once you have purchased a mobile phone, you certainly will not leave it as it is - you would periodically charge the battery, update the phone book, download your favorite music and interesting picture. If it 's an expensive and delicate model, you will likely not spare money on a beautiful and convenient protective case and a screen protector, and eventually a new battery.

Your online resource needs the same "care" for a decent web site reputation you need to constantly update your informational and technical support.

Slow-loading pages, cannot withstand the influx of visitors, the absence of digestible materials, services and interesting information suggests that the support of the website is not conducted or not conducted properly. All this pushes users and causes "anger" from the search engines, which are beginning to ignore the source. If you do not have the time or do not deal with the conduct of all routine and daily work, trust maintenance of the site outside experts who will take care of that resource in the future, to keep the website operational, competitive and efficient.

To objectively assess - how useful technical support is, imagine the situation: You're introducing a new product that a large number of buyers is interested in.

Site "could not withstand" a fast influx of buyers, and while you understood what happened and corrected the situation, most of the buyers are likely to change their mind and make a purchase from a competator. In the same time, regular monitoring and professional support, the cost of which is less than the potential losses from failure and "idle" resources, can prevent the emergence of such problems. Experienced professionals quickly identify the presence of technical errors and offer the most appropriate tariff hosting taking into account the volume of information and potential load. In addition, if necessary, having studied the situation, programmers further develop and modify the software design.