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Vodyanickiy Vitaliy Vitaliy Vodyanickiy Programmer / Website development

Currently, one of the most effective ways to promote products or services is certainly promotion via the Internet. That is why any company that is already thriving or just starting out, sooner or later will need, a commercial web site to stay in the game.

If we were to talk about creating a retail website, for example, an online store, the owner is able to organize a business with minimum spending (no need to rent space, hire staff, etc.).

By having even a small internet recourse, its owner gets:

Effective means of advertising(creating a website provides around the clock advertising in the Internet world).

Effective tool for image support (create professional sites allows us to emphasize the class of the company).

A handy tool for communicating with the target audience. You can order a website with additional services (chat rooms, forums , FAQ).

Workflow - site creation

1 Pre-Work Pre-Work
2 Development of design Development of design
3 Front-end Programming Front-end Programming
4 Back-end Programming and Integration Back-end Programming and Integration
5 Testing and the Completion of the project Testing and the Completion of the project
6 Support and Website Promotion Support and Website Promotion


Businesses and organizations who are just starting out, with the task to find and attract potential customers and clients (creation of a modern website allows you to find the consumer far beyond your region, city, country).

Businesses that already have experience in business wishing to expand its geographical presence (website creation is a great alternative to opening their own offices, the more services on the website will cost much cheaper than renting space and hiring staff)

Companies and entrepreneurs, faced with the task of bringing a new product or to inform about the upcoming promotional event (in this case, it is optimal to create beautiful animated websites).

Consumers today are looking for products on the Internet. Make sure that it is your website that catches their eye. WEB-Laboratorium studio makes websites that cannot be ignored.

The main purpose of the studio WEB Laboratorium - is the creation of web sites. With extensive experience of web development, at your request, we can design and implement resources of any complexity - from small one page websites and business cards to large portals and online stores.

Website creation implies a whole range of activities. Our team's expertise include: Analytical studies, which allows you to find out - for what audience is the commercial site for, what tasks does the customer want the website to perform.

At this stage the appropriate type of site, its functionality and design style is chosen. It depends on the age and level of financial viability of the target audience.

The second stage, which is essential to create a modern website - this is it's design. How "user friendly" a website is depends of the capability of the web designer. To get a quality product that can interest network users, you must choose to create professional sites, over which requires a whole team of specialists.

In web development WEB Laboratorium you can order the creating of a new website and redesign of existing resources. Once the basic elements necessary to carry out the preparation of the working platform are worked out, services on site may involve writing a unique code or implementation on automated content management system. Thus the cost of creating a website can vary significantly.

The last stage, which includes the creation of websites - is testing the finished product and, if necessary, modifications to individual components.

To find out the cost of creating a particular website, just call us. Before starting the work, we draw up a contract, which will be specified in terms of performance and requirements for future projects. Web Laboratoruim - web developer company.